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The aims of the Auchtermuchty Landscape and Environment Group are to promote genuine and informed discussion of renewable and sustainable sources of energy and to expose the myths and untruths associated with windfarms.


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We are fighting to save beautiful countryside and wild places all around the world from needless industrialization. This photo was taken from the Unesco Biosphere Reserve of Braunton Burrows, North Devon, looking towards the unspoilt hills that are to become the Fullabrook Down Wind Power Station.
  • Normal service is resuming at last -  hopefully anyway!  Computer problems, and life itself, have resulted in a long pause in blogging a pause, here (but not as long as the one in global warming.)  On Fullabrook, noise problems have continued, even as the world at large has ignored the plight of those living near the turbines.

  •  Protesters near Barnstaple Square, before going to the Park Hotel for a Public Meeting.More to come.

  • Slay The Array will be staging a parade through the centre of Barnstaple next Saturday, 31 August, at 11.00 am followed by a Public Meeting at 12pm, to alert the people of North Devon to the imminent threat from the Atlantic Array.The Parade starts at the Civic Centre, and goes through central Barnstaple to the Square. The Public Meeting will be held at the Park Hotel, in Taw Vale, not very far from the Square.For more information go

  • "A new study just published in the United States has estimated that around 573,000 birds were killed by wind turbines in 2012 (including 83,000 birds of prey), in increase of 30 per cent on a previous estimate by the US fish and Wildlife Service in 2009. Bats are even worse hit, says author K Shawn Smallwood, and probably top 888,000 killed per year.Clearly this has serious implications for the renewable energy industry, which bases much of its investment and publicity on the safety and environmental sustainability of the machines. Smallwood also believes his...

  • Acceptance of planning application for UK's largest wind farm spells potential disaster for North DevonFollowing the announcement that the Planning Inspectorate has accepted an applicationfrom Channel Energy Ltd to build the UK's largest offshore wind farm, consisting of 240 700-foot turbines, off the North Devon coast, Steve Crowther of campaign group Slay The Array said:"North Devon is now in mortal danger. "The jobs of one in six North Devonians depend on the visitors who come here fornature, tranquility and unspoilt views; a 10% fall in tourist numbers couldcost the area £30m a year....

“More and more people are describing their lives as unbearable when they are directly exposed to the acoustic and optical effects of wind farms.

There are reports of people being signed off sick and unfit for work, there is a growing number of complaints about symptoms such as pulse irregularities

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